The Ecological Toad

Above: Toad Mating Behavior, My photos from Illinois,  Spring 2018

“The toad has been greatly maligned by stories of its poisonous effects on man and man’s belongings. Instead of bringing ill luck, the gentle fellow is one of our great blessings. That the toad is the gardener’s ally has been proved beyond doubt.” Mary Cynthia Dickerson

I read a short selection on the habits of and benefit to humans of the toad, from Mary Cynthia Dickerson’s The Frog Book: North American Toads and Frogs, for the 58th volume of the LibriVox NonFiction Collection.

CD Cover, Frog CallingI also designed the cover for volume 58, featuring a toad sounding off “full blast” at the edge of the pond in our local forest preserve. This picture came from a video I took in Spring 2018, so you can enjoy this impressive toad’s performance right here on my website:

Watch this toad in action, right here!

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