Dog Heroes of Many Lands

Above: Illustrations from Dog Heroes of Many Lands

Sarah Noble Ives (1864-1944)

Dog Heroes of Many Lands:

Braving the terrors of storm and snow, Byron saves the lives of, not only a country doctor and a small boy, but no less than 65 sheep!

In April, 2018, LibriVox had a “just for fun” challenge, to record something different. The challenge went like this: “Join in and roam the farthest reaches of literature and learning, exploring authors, genres and styles you’ve so far overlooked, ignored or actively avoided while LibriVoxing or reading. Preferred Kafka to Kids’ books? Missed out on Mystery? Kept light years away from Sci-fi? Time to mix it up.” The rules of the challenge went like this: “Think about genres you’ve never tried before and have a look for projects that match. Post what you’re picking to read and why, then again when you finish too.”

I took up the challenge and selected a dog story to record. I posted this note about my choice: “I’ve signed up to read “Byron, A Dog of Scotland” from the book.  “Dog” plus “Hero” in the title tipped me off that this book might be full of bathos, and I wasn’t mistaken. I’d never read an animal story aloud before, and true or not, the style of the telling is far from my usual “state-the-facts-and-go-light-on-the-emotion” non-fiction.”

After I’d recorded Byron’s story, I posted this note: “My reaction to reading about this valiant and loyal dog? I have to say honestly that I teared up a couple of times while recording this one.”

Actually, Dog Heroes of Many Lands is a great listen. I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy this group LibriVox read!

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