Icebergs and Feathers

Above, Ice jam under bridge and feathery ice crystals on a puddle, January 2018

Pedestrian bridge

Spider web suspended in airWhat a difference a few months time makes in the Midwestern landscape! Out on my daily walk last summer, I fixed my camera on sunny wild flowers and an ethereal web of spider’s silk. In January 2018, from the same spot on the pedestrian bridge across our local creek, I looked down on a flotilla of icebergs!



Ice jammed under bridge

Ice Jam, January 23, 2018



Spider web in tattersThe bridge railings, festooned in August with spider webs, were now dripping icicles.

Icicles hanging on bridge

January 4, 2018












Frozen Stream

December 28, 2017

A quarter of a mile upstream, the creek meandered gently, rippling  only here and there over a few boulders. Towards the end of December, 2017, it froze over.









Fascinating, feathery crystal paths snaked across the surface of the ice.

Crystals on frozen surface of ice

December 28, 2017


Ice blocks on stream

January 28, 2018




During January, 2018, we had a spell of below zero weather, and the stream froze solid several inches down.  Then came a quick thaw, rushing water, and slabs of ice piled up along the banks.



Where  the ice hit rocky obstructions, chunks of ice vaulted over each other and grew icicle teeth.

Ice chunks overlapping

January 28, 2018

Then the ice from this small creek moved downstream and created the massive log jam under the bridge!


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