Veto of the Illinois Cat Bill (1949)

Above: Clyde, the barn cat, visits the chicken coop

Cats won a victory in Illinois, when then Governor Adlai Stevenson vetoed a legislative proposal outlawing roaming felines in 1949.  “It is in the nature of cats to do a certain amount of unescorted roaming… Moreover, cats perform useful service, particularly in rural areas, in combatting rodents — a work they necessarily perform alone and without regard for property lines… In my opinion, the State of Illinois and its local governing bodies already have enough to do without trying to control feline delinquency.”       Adlai Stevenson, Governor, Springfield, Illinois, April 23 1949

I recorded Governor Stevenson’s veto for the 79th volume of the Short Nonfiction Collection.
Listen to my recording here.
Read the text here:

Clyde, the barn cat on a nearby farm, gets along with the chickens just fine and hangs out in the coop on cold winter days. Barn cat on bale of hay

Clyde giving himself a bath atop a bale of hay in the main barn.

My own cat is strictly a house cat.  I don’t live on a farm!

Photo of cat on afghan